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SiteSub Features

  • Fields for the most commonly needed website information
  • Type once, copy as often as you need
  • Reduces mistakes and speeds up site submissions
  • Stay-on-top window for quick access to site information
  • Save site details for later use
  • Portable application - copy to your memory stick and use on the move
  • FREE to download and use

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Q: What is SiteSub?

A: SiteSub is a free software tool designed to help webmasters more easily submit their websites and blogs to directories.

Q: Why should I submit to website directories?

A: Website directories - and blog directories - are a good way to build incomming links to your site. Incomming links bring more traffic to your site or blog, and help with offsite Search Engine Optimisation. In fact, some SEO experts say that link building is the single most important thing that a webmaster can do to improve their site's rankings in the search engines.

Q: Is SiteSub an autosubmitter?

A: NO! SiteSub is absolutely not an autosubmitter. Many website directory owners do not accept submissions from autosubmitter programs, and will often ban webmasters who use them from adding links to their directories.

Q: So how does SiteSub work?

A: Simple. SiteSub's window contains edit boxes for you to type in information most commonly requested by website directories. You enter your website's information in these boxes, then visit some directories to add your URL.

Instead of retyping the information for each website directory, you just click the copy button next to each field in SiteSub's window. This cuts down the chances of errors creeping into the URL adding process, and saves a surprising amount of time too.

SiteSub can be made to stay on top of all other windows, including your web browser, so the information you need is always visible as you add your link to each website directory.

Q: Who can use SiteSub?

A: Anyone! SiteSub is freeware - use it for personal, business or educational use, free of charge. You can even make copies of the software to use of different PCs.

Even better, SiteSub is a portable application - just copy it on to a USB memory stick and take it with you so you can add your link to website directories from any Windows PC.

Q: What is a portable application?

A: Portable applications are self-contained programs that do not rely on lots of additional files, and make little or no use of the Windows registry.

Because they don't need lots of DLLs or other files, or store information in the registry, they can easily be copied onto memory sticks and used on any Windows machine - hence the name, portable application.

Q: Why is SiteSub free?

A: I wrote an early version of SiteSub for my own use after spending many, many hours adding links to website directories the hard way - by hand.

Recently, my wonderful Significant Other has become interested in blogging, and has also found out the hard way that submitting to blog directories by hand is a long, tedious, process.

I rewrote SiteSub for her, tidying it up, fixing a few bugs and generally making it fit for wider use. I could hardly charge my other half for the software, could I? :-) And, since it existed, I figured I'd make it available to anyone else who might find it useful - after all, I've been glad of many freeware tools in the past. Time to give something back!