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SiteSub Features

  • Fields for the most commonly needed website information
  • Type once, copy as often as you need
  • Reduces mistakes and speeds up site submissions
  • Stay-on-top window for quick access to site information
  • Save site details for later use
  • Portable application - copy to your memory stick and use on the move
  • FREE to download and use

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SiteSub - 100% Free Software
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Link Building

Every webmaster knows how important incoming links are to their website. From offsite search engine optimisation (SEO) to increasing traffic, incoming links are the key to any website's success.

Website Directory Submission

One of the easiest ways to gain links to any website is to submit your URL to some of the dozens of website directories scattered around the web. The process is easy enough – simply visit your chosen website directory (see my list of high-quality, SEO-friendly directory lists to get started), and fill in your website’s details.

Each website directory is different, but the majority of them request the same information from a submitting webmaster; website name, website description, website URL, reciprocal link URL (a page on your website that contains a link back to the directory), your name and your email address.

No rocket science there, right? Right! But, after you’ve been through the add URL process a few (or a few dozen!) times for different directories, it becomes almost indescribably tedious. That’s where SiteSub comes in!

Submit sites more easily

SiteSub is a free Windows program specially designed to ease the process of adding your link to a website directory, blog directory or link list.

It is not – absolutely NOT – an autosubmitter program. Autosubmitters are unpopular with many website directory owners, and using one can be a very quick way to get all of your sites banned from an awful lot of useful directories.

Instead, SiteSub provides a small window with spaces to type in all the details you need to submit to the website directory. A simple button next to each field lets you copy the text to the clipboard, ready for pasting into the website directory submission form – no more tedious, error prone retyping for every directory!

To make the URL submission process even easier, SiteSub can be made to stay on top of all other windows so it’s always visible as you add links to directory sites.

No matter how easy SiteSub makes it to add your link website directories, it’s unlikely that you’d want to submit your site to all of them in one go. No problem! SiteSub can save your website’s details for later use, meaning you can take a little time off then come back to add your link to more directories later.

Portable application

Even more usefully, SiteSub is a portable application. It's self contained, meaning you can just copy the program onto your USB memory stick or other portable storage device and take it with you, so you can carry on adding your link to website directories from any computer with an internet connection.

Free software

Best of all, SiteSub is freeware - use it how you like, whenever you like, for free. I hope you find it useful!

All the best,

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